Discontinued - See Below.

 New, Smart EA Makes 19% a Month Very Safely.

   My name's John Campbell and I was the first to introduce an oil trading system some 10 years ago, just at the time oil was starting it's meteoric rise to $150 a barrel. This successful system developed into my Rich Lazy Trader which has been making a profit every month for the last 8 years. I had always been sceptical of Expert  Advisor auto trading but back in 2014, I developed a very powerful EA for Forex which was based on mathematics, not on predicting the direction of the price move. Because oil has become more volatile, I have added indicators to decide the direction of the trade to make this new 'Smart EA'  extremely safe.

Discontinued because most brokers have switched to a minimum contract size of 0.1 Lots for oil!


I would highly recommend using my Holy Grail EA .

MUCH safer and also trades several instruments.

 I am always available for support on John@OrionZen.com